Vesper empowers anyone to create their own video game. You just write. We generate a fully immersive world with characters and locations that fit your narrative.

Our team previously worked at places like Google, Unity, and Epic. We're supported by experienced investors and operators in both the game and tech industry.

We're fully remote and are based all over Europe. Our team members are currently in cities like Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen.

We're a startup who's culture is based on psychological safety, empathy for our players and each other, championing uniqueness and kindness, being mindful and deliberate, and the general joy of starting small.

We advocate for the use of ethical AI. As such, we don't generate any writing or art, and we don't train our AI on public works. We empower artists and creators. We don't replace them.

Calling all weirdos: Join us.

Calling all weirdos: Join us.